At Reach Academy Sixth Form we have extremely high expectations of you and your commitment to your future success. We will expect you to arrive on time every day and be ready to learn and push yourself to accomplish your aspirations. In return, we’ll do everything we can to help you achieve your very best, and, importantly, to have a happy two years with us. Our teachers went to top universities from across the country, and have the knowledge, skills and passion to provide you with the individual support you need to reach your potential; both academically and in other areas of your life.

Academic Tutors

You’ll have an Academic Tutor who will be responsible for supporting you and monitoring your progress. They will also support your overall well-being, and deliver the Team Reach Sixth Form Curriculum. Your tutor is the main person who will support you both academically and pastorally, and you will develop an excellent working relationship with them as they guide you through your choices.

Applying to University

Applying to university is one of the biggest life decisions you will have made to date. We’re here to support you throughout the process, and to ensure that you and your family make fully informed decisions. The preparation for university applications will begin in Year 12. You’ll be given a full introduction to the UCAS process, shown how to research courses and prompted to think critically about the right choice for you and your family. If you choose to apply to Oxford, Cambridge or for a Medicine or Law degree, we’ll offer you additional support and guidance as you prepare for your interviews and exams.

Bursaries & Financial support

There are two types of bursaries available to support you financially through the Sixth Form. The Reach bursary is available to all students who are on Free School Meals. We also have a Hardship Bursary, which you’ll be able to apply for as and when you need to.

Beyond REACH – Alumni Support

Our support won’t end when you begin your undergraduate course. Our alumni network will help you keep in touch with the Reach family beyond Feltham, and encourage you to support each other throughout university and beyond.


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